Forever Redwood Pergola Kit , based in California, is finding vast success selling Pergolas to new customers. Their motto for this product: If you are looking for a way to enhance the beauty of your property and also have a comfortable outdoor area to relax in and enjoy, then, perhaps the addition of a pergola is the answer.

What are Wood Pergolas ? They are usually free standing structures, resembling the arbor, patio and gazebo all in one package. Originating from Italy, the word Pergola means protruding eaves. Open to the air, but giving protection from the sun and only limited by the imagination, pergolas can be constructed in just about any style or theme. They can form entry ways, serve as dining areas, form walkways from one structure to another or just serve as a place to relax. Pergolas can be laced with climbing vines to enhance their beauty and increase shading and cooling. Add flowering vines to increase their beauty and the ambiance of the entire area.

These garden pergolas make an intriguing walkway or stop off point they can join two sections of the property together, making a natural path through a garden or connecting a garage or guest house.

First built in Egypt and China as shaded retreats, Pergolas were used as supports to grow grapes and ivies. For shading and privacy, Pergolas were found in French and Italian gardens throughout the Renaissance. Originally constructed of stone columns connected by wood beams, today they are often built of wood with a lattice or wood beam roof. Arched roofs became popular and are used today.

Pergolas are gaining popularity as beautiful and elegant garden or backyard additions. Restaurants and public parks and gardens can provide added protection for their patrons as well. Whether providing a central area for weddings or special events they provide the perfect gathering place.

Used as support for flowering vines, they serve as a beautiful garden area as well. Dine, chat, or just relax, a Pergola can be the center of your back yard. Unlike a patio area, it holds its own as a central focal point. It can be the stop along the way, or a place to sit and relax for a while. Let your imagination create the perfect getaway right in your own back yard. Dress it up in the perfect color scheme and décor. Pergolas can look very vogue or very ancient with hints of the Orient or maybe a French or English garden. A southwest theme may allow a low maintenance garden where water is a concern. Pergolas can serve as extra dining space in smaller homes.

The beauty and elegance of the Pergola will enhance any place, creating its own theme and central focal point. Pick the style that’s just right for the area and build it to fit that location. Use it for protection during hot summer months or as a gathering place during cooler months with the addition of a free standing stove for warmth. Forever also offers a great selection of wood patio table .

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