For Women’s Health Inc. has extended their money back guarantee for their Konjac Root weight loss pills to 120 days.

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For Women’s Health is one of the top weight loss supplements sellers on Amazon and their new appetite suppressant made from Konjac root powder has already helped a few thousands of women lose weight.

They have received countless emails from their clients in which they receive thanks for allowing them to lose weight so easily.

The Konjac root powder from which their supplement is made, has a fantastic ability to absorb water and because of it, their weight loss pills creates the feeling of satiety.

Konjac root also increases metabolism and many clinical studies have reported a weight loss of around 3 pounds a week without diet or exercise.

Because For Women’s Health has received only positive reviews for their Konjac root weight loss pills, they have decided to increase their Money Back Guarantee from 30 days to 120 days.

With this new marketing strategy they are hoping to help even more women lose weight in 2017.

Their Konjac root weight loss supplement is made in US and it is 100 natural, and even though they have a very high manufacturing cost, they have it on a sale till the end of February.

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For Women’s Health is an Amazon seller, focused mostly on selling natural weight loss supplements for women. Their weight loss pills have already helped thousands of women lose weight safely.

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