Los Angeles, USA; 18 December, 2013: It may not be the big day yet, but we have some great gift ideas to put under the tree this year for your tween boy or girl. Do you have a teeager or friend who loves all things “Internet?” Then Mohr Publicity has the perfect holiday cyber gifts for Birthdays, Graduation, Hanukkah, Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, Winter Solstice, and other celebrations. They makes it easy to order and do all the delivery work.

Mohr Publicity

Whether your tweens are social media newbies or full-fledged cyber addicts, there is one thing they probably have in common: they all want to be popular. Preferably on par with online celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Mylie Cyrus or Katy Perry. Mohr Publicity can deliver followers and fans to their sites and make their pages hot. We send fans who love music, movies, books or just following. Your teenager will appreciate the gift of instant popularity.

With this easy-to-order Christmas/Holiday gift package, Mohr Publicity will send your teenager, musician, artist, filmmaker or author friend the following:

* 5000 Twitter Followers: Mohr Publicity can add 5,000 active U.S. Twitter Followers to your tweens account. No private access or password is needed. All they require is your kid’s “Twitter name” and they will deliver the chatty, music loving, young and colorfully active Twitter followers within 48 hours. 5,000 Twitter followers are sure to get your teen a good table in the school cafeteria.

* 500 Facebook Likes: We can ALL use more “Likes” in our lives, but for the socially conscious teenager, it is a vital part of being accepted by peers. No password needed. Mohr Publicity will add 500 Facebook likes within 3 days of placing your online order. What a nice surprise!

* 10,000 Youtube Views plus 20 Personal Comments: If your son or daughter has ever posted a video on YouTube only to find it never rises above 24 views, it can be devastating for them. Mohr Publicity can send over 10,000 views within 2-3 days and give that dream clip a whole new look. You can expect to see at least 20 viewers comment on their great video too.

* 3000 Instagram Followers: Nothing is more “hot” right now in the social media world than Instagram. This is a photo-sharing site that encourages members to post their pics with special effects and gives accolades for the most creative and popular Instagram photos and sites. Mohr Publicity will boost their page into fandom with 3000 new Instagram followers. Delivery time: 5-6 days. No password needed.

So buy something unusual for your teenager this year, and be sure to let Mohr Publicity know your desired delivery date so they time it just right. Package price for all services is very affordable and can be purchased online. Not bad for a gift that could be considered invaluable.

About Mohr Publicity:

Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. They specialize in promoting businesses with social media traffic including Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, Facebook Likes and Online Press Releases. Established in 1997 and all services guaranteed on time.

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