Wilmington, DE — Month, May 09, 2016 — Calluses are generally considered to be harmless since they protect the feet from cuts and other threats. However, there are many things about calluses that, according to experts, should not be overlooked by people.

Foot care specialist reveals more relevant information about calluses. A callus forms when there is friction or pressure. It is the skin’s way of protecting itself from external threats. Ill-fitting footwear is one of the most common causes of friction and pressure.

In addition to footwear, calluses may also be due to Morton’s Toe. This condition affects the formation of the bones in the forefoot and the manner that they bear the weight of the body. Malformation of one or more bones can lead to excessive amount of weight on the ball of the feet.

Calluses form to support the bones from the weight. Individuals who suffer from Morton’s Toe typically experience burning pain on the ball of the foot. The pain may last from weeks to years. There are even sufferers who experience stone bruise type of feeling.

Trimming the callus is believed to provide people with relief. However, if the callus is due to Morton’s Toe, it may require the help of a podiatrist. Individuals who suffer from diabetes and have calluses should also speak with their healthcare provider about their foot care needs.

Eliminating the source of friction or pressure is essential in eliminating calluses. For instance, if it is caused by footwear, people should wear shoes that give their feet a small room to breathe.

It is imperative that people should keep their calluses from getting too thick. Thickened calluses are more likely to crack, and this causes an open wound. When this happens, the skin can be susceptible to infection.

There are those who resort to salon treatments for callus removal. Staffs in salons are adept in removing calluses. However, it is important to choose the right salon to avoid the risk of infections.

There are individuals who rather use natural remedies to have their calluses removed. They spend amazing foot pampering experience right at their own homes using some natural ingredients. Some of the home remedies are lemons, apple cider vinegar, and soap water.

There are also products such as an electric callus remover that is widely used nowadays.  This product is designed to trim calluses easily and safely. One of the most reputable electric callus removers are offered by Naressa, and can be purchased at amazon.com.(http://www.amazon.com/Electric-Callus-Remover-Naressa-Electronic/dp/B015GJDW18).

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