30, July 2016: Fooditter- the latest restaurant ordering solution launched in the market has been creating a wave in the restaurant industry for the past several months. It is not only being loved by the restaurant managers and owners but the customers visiting the Fooditter enabled restaurants are loving the concept, that Fooditter has provided to them which is first of its kind to be launched in India this year.

Fooditter was designed with the sole purpose of reducing the customer service time in the restaurants and giving the restaurant owners a transparent view of their sales and revenue. But, on the other hand Fooditter has also been successful in providing the customers a unique Dine In experience where they can order food and drinks from their android enabled devices without having any interactions with the restaurant staff which has reduced the overall service time for them and has given them a flexibility to order and pay bill as per their convenience.

Fooditter has launched two applications in tablet restaurant for menu segment. Let’s put a highlight on some of its prominent features.

1) Waiter’s Fly

This application was designed keeping in mind to provide the hassle free service by the captains or waiters to the customers and reduce the overall service time. With the use of this application waiter’s can:

* Book tables for the customers using the table management section of the application and check the availability of any table from any corner of the restaurant. This feature reduces the workload of the captains to check the available tables in the restaurants.

Mobile App for Restaurants

* Take orders from the customers using the digital menu and avoid human errors of writing the order on notepads
* The order placed with special comments is received directly to the respective kitchens through a thermal printer which not only saves time of running to the kitchen to tell orders to chef but also avoids confusion among the staff

tablet restaurant for menu

* Waiter can book Takeaway and home delivery order from the mobile application in case the person at front desk is busy indirectly resulting in reduction of customer service time
* Ability to create a customer waiting list with and allocate tables to them as soon as they get available using the table management section

All these features of the Waiter’s Fly has been helping restaurants in their smooth operations and receiving a positive feedback from the customers about the restaurant.

2) Customer Application

One of the unique applications launched in India where customer gets a complete authority of his order right from the booking of table to the payment of bills. Features include:

* View the nearest restaurant in your location along with its cuisines and customer feedbacks
* Prepare order cart even before visiting the restaurant using the digital restaurant menu and save time of ordering food at the restaurant
* Book table using the application and place order directly to the restaurant’s kitchen

tablet restaurant menu

* Use “Call a waiter” button for any special requirements
* Pay bills using multiple payment options available

About Company:

Fooditter has researched thoroughly on the problems of the restaurant industry from the perspective of the owners as well the customers and came up with such a useful product which is on a rise in the Indian market.It has become a one stop solution to both customers and owners whether it is reduction in customer service time or minimize the human errors by providing them everything on a digital platform

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