Cork, Ireland - Fonez is one of Ireland’s most exciting phone and electrical hardware businesses. The chain already has stores in Galway and Donegal, but recently it opened a new store in the southern town of Cork. Fonez hopes that the new store will give it access to Cork’s thriving business and tourist community and cement the company as a national brand.

Fonez was launched back in September 2009. The aim of the company was to offer the best phone and electronics deals in Ireland both on the high street and online. The outfit started off as an online-only store. But within a year, it moved onto the high street and opened its first physical location in the Corbett Court Shopping Centre in Galway, thanks to its popularity. Five years later, the company proudly unveiled its second store, followed by a third in Cork city just this year. The company has aspirations to open more stores in the future.

New Phones

Customers can buy new phones, both in store at the company’s new Cork location, or online. As you might expect from an electronics retailer, there is a wide selection of new phones on offer. Customers can find everything from the entry-level Samsung Galaxy J3 to the ultra high-end Sony Xperia Z5 on offer here.

Pre-Owned Phones

Fonez specialises in both pre-owned and Grade A and Grade A+ used phones. On the company’s website, you can find handsets like the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE 16GB, and the Samsung S7 all at reduced prices. The company also runs what it calls “Golden Offers” where the prices of some handsets are dramatically discounted. For instance, the company is selling pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge handsets with MSRP of €899 for €579.

Again, there are many different types of handset on offer. Here you can find used Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung and Sony smartphones.

Tablets And Macs

Fonez also boasts a range of Apple products. Apple products can be expensive, however. So in keeping with the company’s discount philosophy, most of Fonez’s Apple products are pre-owned. Right now, the company is currently running its Golder Offers on a range of 13 inch Macbook pros. There’s also an assortment of refurbished, grade A pre-owned iPad Pros at a fraction of the MSRP.


Fonez understands how awful it can be when you drop your phone on the concrete or down the toilet. As a result, the firm is keen to emphasise the fact that it offers phone repairs. It wants to help customers get the most out of their handsets and avoid having to buy new ones unless absolutely necessary. The company is currently offering what it calls it’s “Get a Quote” feature. Here, customers send Fonez details about the damage to their phone and then Fonez will get back to them about the costs of repair. Repairs cover everything from water damage to battery problems to cracked and damaged screens.

You can get a quote for a phone repair and browse offers on the company’s website. Or you can head on down and meet some of their 25 staff in their recently opened store in Cork.

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