Follicle by renowned medical-spa group Cambridge Therapeutics, is a new concept hair salon based in Singapore which takes care of complete hair styling needs from treating hair loss to improving scalp health

Singapore (December 21, 2016) - With today’s hectic lifestyles and poor diets, where hair problems like alopecia are extremely common, a hair replacement centre which uses a scientific approach to treat hair problems is very much in demand. Follicle is a concept based hair salon which realizes the unmet need of clients in dealing with hair related problems.

The highlight of Follicle is the wide variety of affordable and high quality services it offers to their clients. From hair regrowth in patients suffering from alopecia to sustainable hair styling( by means of natural hair coloring, safer techniques of hair straightening and curls to name a few, this hair centre offers a wide range of services to their esteemed clients.

Hair transplant( is a surgical technique that moves healthy hair follicles from a part of their body to the site of balding. So, for those clients who have hair loss, this technique is extremely effective. Moreover, they have an experienced and skilled team of medically trained professionals to take care of client’s post-transplant needs.

To complement their hair transplant procedures, Follicle provides hair-receding line embroidery work to enhance transplanted areas. Using the latest Korean micro-blading( technique of stroke-by-stroke hair embroidery, a realistic volumized look can be achieved on the eyebrows, eyeline and scalp.

Their scientific bent in properly diagnosing the cause of hair problems before treating, makes Follicle so popular in the industry. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a unique test that Follicle offers, where your hair is analyzed for mineral deficiencies and toxic elements such as mercury levels. The team of expert trichologists study the texture, thickness, volume and growth pattern of hair before suggesting the right treatment plan. Hair thinning is a common problem with people. But with Follicle’s hair science treatments such as their signature Custom Blended Ampoule Hair Wash and Meso Scalp Remedy, clients can treat their scalp problems in an ultra-relaxing atmosphere and that’s why they are raving about Follicle.

Hair loss is a common problem which should not be neglected as it may have negative impact on social life and may even lead to depression. Moreover, any therapy at the earliest gives easier and more effective solutions which are even pocket- friendly. The more advanced the hair loss, the higher the cost of treatment is needed as the treatment modality requires more sophisticated approaches for better results.

About Follicle:
A one stop hair solution centre, Follicle is instrumental in offering hair regrowth and other beauty services to their clients, which includes a makeover with a hair style that suits your face the best, brow embroidery and make up.

About the salon director:
Follicle is led by Lilian Lay, whose passion for hair began since she was 20 years old. She has trained in Japan and Korea with master stylists and medical doctors to learn the latest techniques in hair restoration and hair styling.

Her passion for the profession is reflected in the essence of Follicle, which combines the knowledge of advanced hair styling techniques with scientific know-how of hair health.

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