03, October 2015: PowerPoint presentations have long been pivotal in triggering buyer interest and sending the precise message across to audience. Focusky, a Hong Kong based company worldwide acclaimed for its digital presentation software, has come up with the chic and advanced version of its presentation maker which not only eases the tedious part involved in producing PPTs but also makes the presentations much more bewitching.

Amongst many of its outstanding attributes, the latest version 2.8.4 of presentation software is bilingual using which users can switch over between English and Chinese languages. As much simply, they can also alter the interface language in one touch to bring in the desired magnificence in their presentation slides.

The updated edition of presentation software is drawing lots of Asian visitors and has earned equal attention from the world over. Glee with the increasing viewership about the update, Focusky President Jason Chen says, “Simplifying technology for people who drive businesses is the need of the hour today and this is one of the prime objectives of our company. We have included many unique aspects in this advanced presentation software version which users are less likely to get elsewhere. Clients have taken it on a much positive note and they can’t stop to point out how their presentations get edgy with it.”

This presentation software from Focusky enables users to use smart click such as “Help” option, and then “Display Language”. Together with English, individuals can also decide if they want the Simplified or Traditional Chinese language version. This way, the software aptly facilitates both English and Chinese users.

It is noteworthy to mention that Focusky Software Co. Ltd. is company based at Hong Kong and has connoisseurs with prolonged exposure to digital presentation making. The Focus presentation software from the company is a Flash based online software with most befitting features — all of which add vibrancy, art and influence to presentations!

For more information about the presentation software, click here: http://focusky.com/.