Florida Solar & More, an alternative power company focusing on solar energy solutions in Tampa, Florida, has launched its brand new website at www.floridasolarandmore.com.

Florida Solar & More is the leading alternative power company in the Tampa, Florida area, using proven science to fulfill home energy needs without reliance on fossil fuels. Now this solar solutions company has launched its brand new website to help past, present, and future clients discover how alternative energy can help reduce dependency on nonrenewable energy sources and save a significant amount of money.

The new website boasts an expansive menu of options for all visitors, including in-depth descriptions of their many services ranging from solar hot water systems, solar air conditioning, solar attic fans, and solar pool heaters to energy-efficient air ducts, windows, and doors. Web viewers can also complete their own home energy e-check to identify and evaluate the most cost-effective strategies to use less energy in their homes.

Florida Solar & More is known around the Tampa, Florida area as one of the foremost alternative power companies. It has years of experience in helping homeowners minimize their energy bills and reduce strain on the environment by harnessing the free and natural power of the sun. Solar energy solutions utilize various types of solar panels to capture the heat of the sun and convert it into energy that can heat and cool homes, pools, water, and more.

While remaining conscious of the environment is an important aspect of utilizing solar energy, solar solutions are better known for their dramatic cost-cutting abilities. The federal government offers tax incentives for homeowners willing to invest in solar energy systems, which means that any Florida Solar & More customer can enjoy a tax rebate check equal to 30 percent of their solar energy technology purchase price, while the state of Florida provides a $500 rebate check.

Of course, harnessing solar power instead of standard electric or gas also significantly decreases energy bills each month, sometimes down to just 10 percent of the original bill. Homeowners across Florida have trusted Florida Solar & More to fulfill their solar energy needs in order to reap the benefits of such dramatic cost savings. The brand new Florida Solar & More website provides all of the pertinent information any customers may need to explore and discover the alternative energy possibilities for their own homes.

Members of the media who are interested in learning more about the environmental and financial incentives of switching to solar energy, or who want to know more about how the new website for Florida Solar & More can help customers achieve their alternative energy goals, can use the following contact information.

Florida Solar & More
8604 East Sligh Ave
Tampa, Florida 33610
Phone: (727) 308 6882