21 August, 2014: Florence is one of the most popular destinations in Italy for tourists. Rental villas in Tuscany within easy access of the city are popular throughout the year, especially during the summer months. Visitors can enjoy not only the wonderful sights of the city, but also the many excellent exhibitions that are on display at the various museums and art galleries.

This summer, Italian travel specialists have revealed a host of interesting exhibitions to choose from, including the following.

Exhibitions in Florence

‘Travels to the East’ is an exhibition that is currently being displayed at Casa Martelli, where it will remain until October 5th. This photography exhibition contains 24 portraits purchased by Carlo Martelli during his travels around the world, including images taken in the Holy Land. The stunning images showcase different people and places of the world, and will be of interest to any photography enthusiasts.

‘Donatello’s Prophets’ is likely to be one of the most popular exhibitions for those tourists staying in nearby villas in Tuscany this year. It is being held at Baptistery and will last until the end of November. Three works by Donatello are on display, including The Prophet Jeremiah, The Bearded Prophet, and The Beardless Prophet. These restored sculptures were originally made for the bell tower in the city’s Duomo.

‘Michelangelo & The 20th Century’ is being held at Casa Buonarroti until October 20. The exhibition celebrates the anniversary of Michelangelo death (450 years ago) by looking at how the artist was represented in the 20th century.

‘Officine Galileo: 150 Years of History and Technology’ is being held at the Galileo Museum until September 7. The Galileo Workshop was founded 150 years ago, with this new exhibition dedicated to its history and impact on the city over the years.

Italian travel specialists say these are just a few of the exhibitions on display in Florence over the summer months, which anyone booked to stay in nearby villas in Tuscany may want to visit. However, there are many more throughout the city and indeed the region. A spokesperson for one top travel company does recommend booking early, however, to avoid long queues and possible disappointment.

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