Deciding to embark upon a Hydroponics adventure, growing either fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers or herbs, is an exciting prospect, with tantalizing prospects of home-grown greens.


Regardless of the grow environment, in order to grow plants you need to have fertilizer. That much is a given. Flora Series is the most widely used Hydroponic fertilizer on the planet. Flora Series is so popular, in part, because it allows users to adjust the fertilizer mixtures to fit the requirements of different types of plants. When used in Hydroponic systems, Flora Series products bring out the aromas and flavors of the flowers or fruits and it enhances their nutritional value of all food products. The products are pH neutral to make them easier to use, and using them in a Hydroponics system can bring a number of benefits. It can stimulate vegetative as well as structural plant growth, it can help make plant roots stronger, and it provides a number of essential nutrients like Potassium, Phosphorous, Nitrogen and other minerals.


In order for your plants, or flowers, or fruits or vegetables to grow well and produce great smelling and tasting products, they need to be in good health, which means they need to be free of pests, disease and pathogen molds, which can affect whole plants and cause them to die. Roots excelurator products consist of highly concentrated nutrients and act as powerful root stimulators. This means that roots excelurator products encourage the growth of new roots, and helps fight root rot as well.


Root rot, also known as “brown roots”, can happen for a number of different reasons, such as the plant receiving too many nutrients, or insufficient oxygen to develop properly. Root excelurator products help the rotten root parts to dissolve and decompose into sugars and minerals, which then get consumed as nutrients, contributing to the future health of your plants. You should use root excelurator products during the vegetative cycle, and through the first half of the plant’s flowering cycle. However, if you continue to experience issues with your plants’ roots, you can go on using the products throughout the flowering cycle.




Find out what you need to know about root excelurator products and about flora series product if you’re putting together a Hydroponics system and want to be successful your first time around growing plants, fruits, flowers, vegetables or herbs.