United States, 18, March 2016: The country’s leading supplier of PermaStripe industrial floor marking tape has just launched a new website. They've also added several excellent new additions to their ever-expanding range of warehouse tape products. FloorTapeHQ.com is now the one-stop shop for warehouse and 5s safety managers who require strong and resilient floor tape solutions to withstand heavy traffic such as forklifts, pallet carts and other heavy machinery. The tape on offer is priced competitively and guaranteed to perform as expected or your money back.


The most popular item supplied by FloorTapeHQ is PermaStripe Floor Marking Tape. At 43 mils thickness, it is the strongest and most resilient line tape in the industry today, and it is used in over 4,000 industrial locations worldwide. PermaStripe meets the challenging needs of warehouse managers who want to both efficiently organize their workplace as well as increase the overall level of safety. It’s perfect for marking aisles and warehouse floors and it is excellent for 5S initiatives as well. The product is available in eleven different colors including the most popular standard yellow as well as black & yellow hazard and also comes in three widths - 2”, 3” and 4”. The various colors and sizes meet the needs of even the most challenging warehouse environment.

With more than fifteen years experience in the industry, FloorTapeHQ is a brand trusted by thousands of industrial workplaces. They provide high quality and durable floor marking tape to all US industries. Not only do they have an excellent selection with a lot of detail on the website, they offer 24/7 live telephone and chat support as well as 24 hour email inquiry turnaround. They are focused on making sure your questions are answered and that you purchase the proper tape for your needs. All products come with a 100% money-back guarantee so clients should feel confident about their purchase. Also, FloorTapeHQ offers a unique 2 year limited warranty on all floor tape that is purchased.

If for any reason you may be unsatisfied with your purchase, FloorTapeHQ stands behind its products 100% and will offer a no questions asked refund. No matter what the issue, the team is always on hand to help you solve your warehouse floor marking tape needs.

Some of the other popular products available right now include:

* Anti-Slip Tape
* Vinyl Tape
* Floor Signs
* 5S Angles & Shapes

FloorTapeHQ processes orders within one business day. All orders placed before 11am CST are shipped out the same business day.

When it comes to flooring tape that meets clients demanding specifications, there are no better products on the market today.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: John G. Batemen
Address: 2838 N Clark St
Chicago, IL, USA, 60657
Phone: 888-239-7760
Email Id: [email protected]
Website: http://floortapehq.com/