12, March 2015: The modern consumer has a lot of expectations. The change and portability of the Internet as more and more people adopted use of their smart phone and tablet has created a window of opportunity or conundrum for retail businesses depending on how easily and willing they are to adapt to the changes in consumer shopping habits.

Price Waterhouse Coopers recently conducted a survey of the online shopper and found that in western nations such as the United States 72% of all consumers shop online monthly for their products. The majority of shoppers also stated their preference to use their mobile phone for shopping when possible. This is unprecedented in history. For those large companies already heavily invested in the web and have the power of design teams this news is both expected and something they’ve already adjusted their online store to accommodate. The type of efficiency consumers have come to expect, as well as, a high level of graphic representations that can be quickly perused demands a response from businesses. The modern small to mid-sized business cannot afford to have older technology in the smart phone world. FlipHTML5 digital publishing platform has an affordable answer to their problem.

The FlipHTML5 technology can make creating a beautiful, easy to use online catalog simple and affordable. No design team required. Catalog can be created online within minutes and have the look and feel of higher end stores. The tool allows the business owner to drag and drop files into the catalog, even adding audio, video, and animation to make the product stand out.

“We are really excited about the product,” CEO Winston Zhang tells us. “We found a way for that guy in my hometown selling handmade furniture to compete, at least stylistically, with IKEA. Within minutes he can have an online store with SEO and social media presence that looks and feels just like a major retailer.”

The company believes in their product so much that they offer a free version of the software for people to use which provides 500G worth of storage but lacks some of the customization and SEO functionality of the monthly plans. “We know that they’ll be so pleased with the results of the product that they will want to sign up for more functionality,” Winston says. “Being able to present your business to the world with first class style can be the difference between a successful online business and no business in today’s market.”

FlipHTML5 is an incredible technology product that will be very popular with online retailers in the coming years.