Staggeringly, less than 3% of Americans meet the basic qualifications for a “healthy lifestyle” - action is needed now!

Portland, Oregon, USA — May 27, 2016 — Global Running Day occurs the first Wednesday of June — this year being 1 June.  It was established in 2009 to help runners reaffirm their passion for their running, but has become a day where people re-evaluate their fitness and embark on a new regime.

‘Running can become a major passion in life, the physical benefits are plentiful and fairly obviously, but there are many other benefits that are overlooked’ states Nigel Piper of SmartChoice Fitness.  ‘Getting out in the fresh air and exercising can help depression, fatigue, stress and will boost people’s confidence by giving them belief in themselves.’

Many runners use Global Running Day to sign up for a big race, set a personal running goal or encourage friends and family to lace up their trainers.   If you are not interested in running though, do not fear! Any physical exercise is hugely beneficial and if Global Running Day encourages people to get out of their home and into the fresh air then it has succeeded in its message.

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The Smart Belt is made from quality stretch material without any bulky buckles or clips that may come undone, making it significantly more secure than others.   It is designed to comfortably fit a cellphone, keys and essential valuables whilst also being discreet to wear.  You can pick up the Smart Belt at for just $17.99.   For a short period also, SmartChoice Fitness are have a offer which has slashed the price of their Fruit Infused Water Bottle when a Smart Belt is purchased!

SmartChoice Fitness are passionate about showing people how tweaking their lifestyle can have awesome results, and have lots of information and advice on our website — ‘Using Global Running Day to promote positive awareness that starting a new exercise regime need not be scary is a great message!’ states Nigel.  ‘The fact that Global Running Day is halfway through the year when many people’s new year resolutions are long forgotten is a reminder that improving your health and well-being should never be overlooked.

‘Two major life style changes, which are accessible to virtually all, are drinking more water every day and getting daily exercise. The usual retail price of our Fruit Infused Water Bottle is $14.97, but it can be snapped it up for just $5 when purchased with a Smart Belt.  Activity and hydration is key to feeling good and we hope our promotion will encourage people to take that first step.’  To find out more about this deal visit SmartChoice Fitness’ Amazon page here

SmartChoice Fitness’ ethos is to help people of all abilities welcome changes in their lives which will improve both their physical and mental wellbeing.  You will find lots of tips and advice on their website


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