Wilmington, DE — 12 May, 2016 — The feet are one of the most important parts of the body, and thus, they should be given the attention and care it needs. One of the most popular foot care procedures nowadays is fish pedicure. It is resorted to by individuals who want to have smooth and callus-free feet.

Fish pedicure may not at all be a safe foot care treatment. This treatment works by having the feet soaked in a fish tank filled with tiny toothless carp. This type of fish only feed on dead, callused skin.

While the fish only eats the dead skin tissue, there is a chance that they can create small cuts on the skin. Fish tanks are filled with water that is not sanitized, and could be a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

According to British Scientists, bacteria may enter into the small nicks and cause infection. While there are healthcare specialists who ban fish pedicure in the list of safe beauty treatments, the threat has remained theoretical.

It has not been proven yet whether or not fish pedicure could potentially give rise to infection. However, U.S. and British health officials still warn everyone that skin cuts or open sore should refrain from getting fish pedicure.

This warning is particularly intended to individuals who suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or AIDS. It is also important to note that fish deposit their waste products in the same tank that people submerge their feet on.

In 2011, British authorities investigated a bacterial outbreak involving thousands of Garra rufa fish, which were imported from Indonesia to salons and pedicure spas in Great Britain. It was found that the fish were infected with Streptococcus agalactiae bacteria.

This type of bacteria can cause pneumonia as well as serious infections to the joints, bones, and blood.

The CDC even revealed that 10 states have already banned the foot care procedure for a variety of reasons. This includes not having clean fish tubs and the impossibility of sanitizing live fish.

Individuals who want to achieve smooth and callus-free feet find it a good option to have a fish pedicure. However, there are other safe and effective methods in removing calluses. Customers may go to nail salons and have their calluses removed by professionals.
There are also products such as the electric callus remover from Naressa that many people find extremely helpful. This product is an excellent tool to safely remove calluses and have a relaxing foot care experience at home. It is available at amazon.com. (www.amazon.com/Electric-Callus-Remover-Naressa-Electronic/dp/B015GJDW18/).

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