Charlotte, NC. - Mike Lyddon's feature length satire First Man on Mars is being screened at the 6th Annual Mad Monster Party and Film Festival in Rock Hill, SC. March 24th to March 26th, 2017. Attendance is projected to be in the thousands and many hotels are already sold out. The film will be screening Saturday, March 25th at 2pm at the festival.

Special guests at Mad Monster Party include Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Tom Savini, Mark Torgl, Sky Elobar and Michael St. Michaels from "The Greasy Strangler" among many others. Please visit the official site for more information.

Distributor Tomcat Films has confirmed that First Man on Mars has been selling very well on Amazon and is currently in cue on Google Play ready to go live by the end of March.

Critial Praise for First Man on Mars -

"Excellent" - Troma Entertainment
"A joy to watch" - Morbidly Beautiful
"The Incredible Melting Man for the 21st Century" - HorrorScreams VideoVault
"A Great Sci-Fi Throwback" - Horror Buzz
"Hilarious Parody" - UK Horror Scene
"Lyddon nails the look and feel of a Roger Corman film" - Bloody Flicks
"A pizza and six pack masterpiece" - Rogue Cinema

Official First Man on Mars trailer -
Produced and directed by Mike Lyddon
Genre(s) - Science Fiction - Horror - Comedy - 70's - Grindhouse

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