The local marketing world just had one of its most successful conferences this October in Denver, CO.

Greenville, SC - The Local Marketer Summit was recently held October 18 through the 20th.  Attendees met with multiple business leaders, marketers, trainers and top researchers on local video, mobile, sales, reputation marketing and lead generation. By the buzz generated during and after the event, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

This first true industry conference for local marketing consulting company brought together various leaders such as Kevin Wilke, Mike Cooch, Jeff Herschy, David Sprague, Mario Brown, Ed Downes, Chris Brewer, Lisa Parziale, Brett Curry, Paul Stinemetz, Shelby Larson, Brian Anderson, and many more.  Industry topics were Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Reputation Management, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Daily Deal Marketing, and a lot more.

Scott Meadows, the owner of and a Local Marketing Expert based in Greenville, SC, stated that while this was the first local marketing event he attended, he'll be back for next year’s event due the impact the conference had on he and the future of his business.  Scott stated that the summit far passed his expectations and recommends this as a “Must Attend” event for anyone currently in the local marketing industry or anyone who is planning to enter the industry in the near future.

Scott continued to praise the event stating that his business Red Spark Marketing will do nothing but grow from the valuable information he received during the three day conference.  “The lectures were so informative and we made so many new connections, both of which will help propel our business to the next level”, Scott continued.

With the recent summit, online marketers were able to interact with the seasoned professionals in the business as well as many other attendees.  Scott went further to say “What I really appreciated about the event is that everyone came together as one team.  Everyone was there to help one another and I was amazed at the amount of collaboration happening at the event.

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