First Ever Cafe in India Where you Smash your Anger out

Where to go to overcome Irritating, Frustrated, and Humiliated Mind.

Now “Bhadaas Café” at Indore is available to express & control your anger & desperation.

Indore: Being anger is human nature; when something goes against our will or wish our mind get excited converting feelings into anger. In our life just because of our personal & professional relations we suppress our wishes which after a period of time take shape of anger & frustration.

In Indian mythology it is written that anger destroys our capabilities & we start behaving like animals. Question arises what to do, if we express or burst it may harm our relations. If we keep inside we may harm our life, we start looking for a lonely place where we can sit & can try to get over from the frustration, anger etc.

Such cafe is now in Indore to help you in finding solutions to your anger & frustrations.

Mr. Atul Malikram shared that soon we launched this cafe where you can express your anger, feelings & will throw all bad thoughts, ill feeling out of your body & mind. We are providing you article to break under security supervision, if you want to abuse anybody, want to scream, cry we are giving a corner to you. If you have personal issues with someone you can use a Moniqueen to express your anger. Such activities will help you to throw out your depression, anger, frustration from your mind & keep your mind peaceful & happy.

In countries like Texas Melbourne, dalaas such anger room are running successfully. Where people walk in with frustrated mind & walk out with a smiling & contented face. This initiative will help youth and other to eliminate such bad feelings & live a happy life.

We launched “Cafe Bhadaas” on recently at 27-A, Chandra Nagar, Opp. Garden, Near Syndicate Bank, MR-9, Main Road, Indore, India.