Anhui, China, 19, March 2016: The company’s new arrival section features products, like automatic water metering gun, mechanical mini mobile fuel dispenser, customized liquid lube oil fuel dispenser, water pump, liquid fertilizer filling machine, customized dosing machines, methanol meter fuel nozzle, automatic fuel nozzle, and turbine flowmeter screw joint. According to the spokesperson of the company, these new products have been designed with an improved engineering to offer advanced features and user-friendliness for the users.

Among the new products, their new methanol meter Fuel nozzle is a quality tool, designed to measure the volume of a liquid that is flowing through a pipe. It has varied applications in the oil management, construction and several other industrial fields. The new nozzle has an LCD display to show the exact measurement of the oil volume. With a durable resistance and high grade looking, the nozzle is meant for a long lasting use. It comes equipped with an AAA battery that is easy to change, allowing it to keep operating without any problem.

According to the company spokesperson, the company maintains an affordable Fuel nozzle price, allowing industrial clients to get it for a flawless fuel measurement, flowing through the pipe. A precise measurement helps restricting overconsumption or loss of the fuel and thus helps in the conservation of an important source of energy. With a measurement accuracy of 99.9%, the nozzle can help save each single drop of the fuel. Users can easily manage the actual fueling quantity and can prevent unnecessary losses and which adds to the efficiency as well as the cost benefits.

The company is also offering a new Diesel fuel nozzle to their clients. The ZHUNDE brand Diesel nozzle has stainless steel junctions for a rustproof and corrosion resistant performance. With the anti-blocakge feature, the nozzle has a high grade looking and has a high accuracy display panel. With a pressure resistant and wearable packaging, the company can ship the nozzle to their clients around the world.

According to the spokesperson, the new nozzles can easily adopt imported electronic systems to be used with high accuracy. With a two-button operation, a user can easily learn to use it for measuring the flow of the fuel with a great accuracy. To check the products available in their new arrivals, one can visit their website .

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Anhui Ruiling Meter Manufacturing Company was established in 2006. Today, the company is one of the most professional factories specialized in manufacturing flow measurement products. They have various kinds of flow meters, mini fuel dispensers, fuel nozzles etc.

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