Clarks Summit, Pa. —  May 20 2016 - Fine Line Living, a family owned company that specializes in personal aromatherapy products for the home, today announced that its newest essential oil diffuser, a 200ml diffuser called the AromaDoma, is now available for sale on Amazon.

“It seems like it has taken us a lot longer than we expected to get everything in place and ready for this new diffuser, but we finally have everything set and ready to go on Amazon,” says Tina Traver, CEO and founder of Fine Line Living. “We've been telling our customers for the last month or so that something new is coming and now we can finally start getting this new essential oil diffuser into their hands and see what kind of feedback we will get.”

The AromaDoma, at first glance, is a compact essential oil diffuser that is circular in size with a clear dome setting on the base. The predominant color of the diffuser is white. It measures approximately six inches in diameter and stands a little under five inches tall. The output for the mist is at the top of the dome.

“A lot of what you see with our new diffuser was based on customer feedback that we received. People wanted a wider footprint for more stability. And the AromaDoma is almost impossible to tip over while it's running,” added Traver “And since a great deal of our customers use diffusers in their bedrooms, they wanted quiet running and the ability to have virtually no lights glowing while they slept. And the Doma gives them just that.”

Operation of the diffuser is extremely simple and is done by 2 buttons on the front, one for lights and one for choosing the three various mist modes. There is also an automatic shutoff feature built in for safety purposes. The diffuser is also economical to operate as it can use water right from the consumers kitchen faucet.

If you have been searching for an essential oil diffuser that gives you ease of use, and is extremely quiet and runs in lights out mode for ease of sleeping, you really should take a few minutes and see what the new AromaDoma offers.

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