Finding just the right fit for your boots is important if you want comfort and healthy feet. Whether buying motorcycle boots, logger boots, lacer boots, cowboy boots, or steel toe boots, you'll want the best fit possible so you can enjoy your activities without aches and blisters. Here are some "fitting" tips to remember when shopping for boots.

Choose Quality over Price

Invest only in boots of high quality. Price should only be a factor once you've carefully examined the quality of the boots. To put them to the test, check for solid bottoms. Try pressing your thumb into the bottom of the sole. If the sole can be pressed in with your thumb, the boots are probably too soft to give the protection you need. Also, try twisting the soles of the boots. If you can twist them, they're probably too soft. Solid bottoms are very important with steel toe boots, logger boots, lacer boots, or any other boots used for strenuous work or activities.

Another indicator of quality is the strength and protection provided by the sides of the boots. Good boots will provide extra padding to protect your feet from rocks, stones, metal objects, and so forth. Ankle support can be tested by grabbing the top of the boot and trying to bend it over sideways. If it can be bent easily, then ankle support is probably not a main feature.

Fitting Your Boots

Even if shopping online for boots, you should have them fitted in person by a professional if possible. Remember, all boots are not created equal; all feet are not created equal! Your boots should fit like a glove and be as comfortable as your running shoes. Even heavy boots should fit comfortably.

Before leaving the house, grab a pair of socks you would normally wear with boots. Try on the boots and wear them while walking around the store for at least 15 minutes.

Sizing Your Boots

Be sure the boots do not slip on the heel. Also, check for plenty of room at the toes. Many brand name boots offer a "wide-toe" size if needed. Check the sizing with your index finger. To do this, unlace the boots and move your foot forward as far as possible. Try slipping your index finger inside the boot behind the ankle. If your finger fits there comfortably, then you've got the right size. They're not too tight or too loose.

To check for tightness, try them on without socks once. Be sure your toes have plenty of "wiggling" space. Also, feel for tight spots around the sides of your feet. Then, test the boots again with socks.

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