New Energy Portal is the new, resourceful and comprehensive business directory in the field of renewable energies. The complete directory is based on an easy to understand click through basis. It does not matter if you are looking for LED Lighting Suppliers from China, or Wind Turbine Operators in South America, you can find it in our directory.

For companies interested in registering themselves for our renewable energy company directory, we have three different types of listing. Firstly we have a free listing. Free listings are mainly aimed at renewable energy companies in developing countries to opening up a chance to attain more attention on the market. Of course, the free listing is limited. You are only able to be seen in 2 categories - for example “PV Panel Manufacturers and Suppliers” and “PV Accessories” or “Mobile and Off Grid PV Applications” and “Photovoltaic Consultants” - and list yourself for the one main country that you are active in, e.g. USA or United Kingdom or Germany. The company profile is limited to 250 characters.

The second kind of listing in our renewable energy company directory is the basic listing. Basic listings offer you more exposure to visitors of New Energy Portal than the free listing. When registering for the paid basic listing you can add 10 different categories such as “PV Panel Manufacturers and Suppliers”, “PV Accessories”, “Mobile and Off Grid PV Applications” and “Photovoltaic Consultants”, etc. Furthermore, you can choose 5 countries worldwide that your company will appear for, e.g. USA and United Kingdom and Germany and China and Australia. Your company profile can be 500 characters long and basic listings are listed above free listings.

The Mercedes Benz among our listing services for our renewable energy company directory is the Premium Listing. When registering for our premium listing, you are able to choose any of our more than 100 categories no matter whether your company supplies “Solar Cells Worldwide”, “Solar Lighting Businesses”, “Solar Heating Contractors” or is in the field of “Wave and Tidal Power” or “Wind Power”. We have it all. If you have subsidiaries or agents worldwide you can make yourself renown by listing in any country of your choice worldwide, or every country altogether from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The company profile can be up to 1000 characters long. Premium listings will be listed above free and basic listings.

As introduction to our services, the New Energy Portal offers a special discount of 50% on all paid listings until June 2010. Join now and become a part of the New Energy Portal!
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