A lot of people don't know how personal injury law can really work to their advantage. It's not unusual for people to hurt themselves by slipping and falling on someone's property. Many people who slip and fall don't seek legal assistance because they don't think they're seriously harmed or they blame themselves and not the property owner for the fall. Unfortunately, property owner negligence can create hazardous conditions.

If you happen to trip or slip and fall in a public area, use your cell phone to take a picture of where you fell. This may come in handy later if you have sustained an injury.

Spills and other hazards at grocery stores and restaurants make them prime areas for slips and falls, and freezing and rainy weather also attracts these accidents. Workers and property owners should make sure that all materials and tools are not a hazard and that any loose nails or carpet are taken care of. A slip and fall injury can occur with something more permanent like cracked pavement or a faulty elevator that just misses its stop.

The important thing is to consult a personal injury attorney if you have a slip or trip and fall accident in either a publically or privately-owned place. You need a lawyer's advice to see who may be liable for creating the conditions that caused your injuries. If you weakened your case through contributory negligence, your attorney can figure this out with you. This would occur if there were signs or other warnings of wet floors or other dangerous conditions, and you ignored them and became injured.

Slip and fall accidents can help you recover medical expenses and money lost from being out of work. Most people sued in a personal injury case decide to settle. The important thing to remember is that owners of public property have a legal duty to keep their premises free of hazards or to place signs warning about any hazardous conditions. If you have a trip, slip and fall injury, be sure you consult a personal injury lawyer to ensure you receive any legal damages to which you are entitled.

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