March 7, 2016, Dallas, TX, United States- Dallas-based financial expert and founder of Student Loan Relief has been elected as a member of the board for a children's home in Peru. He will use his business experience to help the charity move forward and continue with the excellent work it has been doing for many years.

Nino’s De Sol, an orphanage in Peru is pleased to announce the election of Jason Spencer to the board of directors. Jason Spencer, who is a finance expert and social entrepreneur, aims to help move the charity forward and help raise the additional funding they need to provide much-needed support for more vulnerable children.

“The work done thus far by Nino’s Del Sol has not only been an immeasurable success not only for orphans but they have also transformed their community by taking children that would have otherwise been forced to live on the streets and given them an education that unquestionably benefits all.  I look forward to furthering those efforts by teaching the orphans how to earn a great living by providing a valuable service to the international marketplace and how to market their skills to those looking to hire by utilizing the latest technology allowing Corporation’s based all over the globe companies to hire talented employees wherever on the planet they may be”, says Jason Spencer.

Nino’s De Sol is a home for children in Peru. The home was founded by Helen Ingel in 1996 while she saw children sleeping in the doorways and living on the streets. She took them in and recognized that they need education, medical treatment and love. Together, with Helen they formed a beautiful family. The orphanage has helped in educating children who could have been illiterate with an unsecured future. Some of them are now enrolled in colleges and getting prepared to pay back to the next generation.

Jason, who has served his community in various capacities over the past years, wants to use his business experience to get more financial support for the Orphanage. He wants to use his position as a new director to help the orphans have a positive future that the majority of children around the world take for granted.

As a finance expert and consultant for businesses and individuals alike, Jason Spencer’s entrepreneurial spirit and intense drive to help others have laid the foundation for his latest venture, Student Loan Relief. His new business is dedicated to helping students overcome the burden of expensive student loan repayment. He aims to use that experience to help the orphans and to expand the solid foundations of the Nino’s Del Sol Orphanage.

“We are glad to have Mr. Spencer Jason on our board of directors; he is a well-experienced finance expert with a strong drive to offering a helping hand to his community. I am so confident that he will bring his experience and passion to help Nino’s De Sol in our goals” said a spokesman for Nino’s De Sol Children’s Home.

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Jason Spencer was awarded a Master of Business Administration degree from Cornell University, a Masters in International Business Administration from the prestigious Queen’s University in Ontario, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Currently, Jason lives in Dallas with his gastrically challenged, loyal companion, Romeo the Bulldog.

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