Finally Kanhaiya and Daaliget closer

We have all grown up hearing that food is the way to one’s heart. Something similar happened in the recent episode of Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki. When Kanhaiya’sChacha expressed his desire for a meal cooked by Daali, Kanhaiya comes to his wife’s rescue where they get into the whole cooking spree together. This gestureof Kanhiya’s brings him closer to Daali who has not been very accepting of their marriage all this while. While Daali is engrossed in tending to her dada and proving herself in the after marriage chores, unaware of the negative force that is soon going to affect her life, with Maya’s release from the jail.

Speaking about the development Shweta Bhattacharya said,” The character of Daali has taken a new turn in the show, with her getting married and she having to live up to all new responsibilities. Generally a woman is happy and looks forward to her married life where Daali is sure that Kanhaiya will never be able to keep her happy. I am sure it will be very intriguing for audience to see the bond grow stronger between them with small attempts by Kanhiaya.”

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