Kfar Saba, Israel; 14, April 2015: The latest bedtime story on the children’s book section is now out in the market and it is titled “The Fudges —Who Hopped in My Swamp?” This 19-page book by Michal Sasson, with impressive illustrations, is full of adventure, fantasy and excitement that will give kids something to look forward to every bedtime story telling. It is sure to inspire, entice and kindle their imaginations.

The story features a cute Shrek-like family “The Fudges”, where three children live with their parents in a cheerful and happy environment. Their home is located in a picturesque forest set up. The story captures the emotions of the innocent monster children and the baffling and panicking situations they encounter. Children can develop empathy and learn about the legitimacy of feelings like possessiveness, sibling rivalry, anger etc. They can also identify with the solution of the characters to the sometimes-difficult situations. Luckily, a sense of love and togetherness between the brother and sister helps restore the peace and joy in the house, which is an essential ingredient for the healthy growth of children.

Sasson really exerted her time and effort to make the book and its story light, easy to comprehend and feel-good for kids. Of course, along the story are colorful images that will live up the interest and enjoyment of kids. The official illustrator of the book is Abira Das. Sasson and Das did their best for this book. The collaboration of these two children’s book geniuses ensures that every child will indeed be touched and fascinated with the story.

The Fudges — Who Hopped in my Swamp? Is a heartening story, which will simply appeal to any child. Parents and their kids now have a story to look forward to. It can be downloaded from Amazon by following the link http://amzn.to/1NKQ3OU

Michal Sasson was born in 1966. In her books and writing, she brings her intelligent and witty spirit. Her writings bring back the child in us, and they are as good for adults as they are for children.

For more details or any inquiries about this book, feel free to visit http://amzn.to/1NKQ3OU