Portland, OR — April 06, 2013 — Portland-based author and blogger, Tiffany Scott, has begun inspiring women all across the world with her wisdom and tips for forming and maintaining successful relationships. Starting just earlier this year, blog website Read Him Like A Book, has already seen traffic in the thousands and has been quite a success among blog readers at an international level. In her blog, Scott tells women how to gain success in their relationships by understanding how their men think and react. 

Read Him Like A Book answers questions that a lot of women have been asking for a while. In her blog, Read Him Like A Book, Scott talks about how to make a man open up, how to build long-term trust, what a man wants from a woman like you, why can a man not say “sorry” for mistakes he has made, ten steps to becoming assertive without hurting your relationship and much more. 

Scott also touches on issues that can be difficult to discuss with friends and family such as how to save your relationship or even your marriage. Oftentimes it can be hard to talk to people you know about sensitive topics related to your relationship, which is one of the reasons Scott decided to reach out to women via the internet. Scott even talks about why men have affairs, which is also a sensitive subject. In cases such as this, it can be easier to talk to a stranger who does not know you rather than friends or family since some relationship topics can be embarrassing. 

On the blog, Read Him Like A Book, users can comment on posts, ask questions, or even respond to one another on this new community for women to discuss relationship issues they face every day. Scott truly has opened up a new chapter for women to read in order to help them better understand their man or men in general. Scott takes excerpts from published research and applies that knowledge to her posts. Thousands have already had their lives and relationships changed by understanding how men think and react thanks to Tiffany Scott, you could be next. 

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