“3:21” is a powerful short film about a man who experiences the happy and painful events in his life, all in three minutes and twenty one seconds. 

“3:21” will be shot in Utah in the fall of 2013 and stars Ryan Templeman (“High School Musical”, “Adopting Trouble”, “S. Darko”). 

Chris Adler, director, writer and producer of the film is best known for the award winning period short film “Reco“. After shooting “Reco”, Chris returned to the director’s chair to shoot the haunting and mysterious short film “Stanley” starring Bailey Johnson (“127 Hours”,”Christmas Oranges”, “17 Miracles”) and Cayden Maynes (“One Lucky Boy”). Stanley reveals the struggle a teenager goes through as a result of his father’s PTSD caused suicide. 

The film “3:21″ is supported by user donations through the crowd funding website Rockethub.com. Walkaway Productions is producing the film and is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a 501(c) organization. All donations to the film are tax deductible. 

Production information
URL: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/31361-3-21-a-short-film
Language: English
Running time: 3:21
Production Country: USA
Production Company: Walkaway Productions, LLC
Screenwriter, director & producer: Chris Adler
Contact: Chris Adler: 801-753-8046
[email protected]