03, June 2016: Feng Shui decorating is rapidly becoming a strong up trend among those wishing to enhance their living space using elements of feng shui home decor.

There's no doubt homeowners wants a beautifully decorated house, particularly for their own enjoyment and satisfaction from the warmth and belonging that is that is associated with one's returning home from a hard day's work. And that's where Feng Shui home decorating and design comes in to play. This means connecting one's spiritual self to the natural surroundings, according to Feng Shui Expert Janet Sandquist, and head of Feng Shui 4 Today, a company that practices the art of Feng Shui which is about remedying unfavorable energy patterns and enhancing favorable ones.

According to Janet, Feng Shui decorating is rapidly becoming a strong up trend among people wishing to enhance their living space using elements of feng shui home decor. "Feng Shui decorating can be fun and powerful, especially when you know what you are doing, of course," said Janet, who further explained the term Feng Shui decorating meant different things to different people, especially because there are so many stereotypes attached to Feng Shui."

Janet believes for the most part, good Feng Shui home interior design creates a harmonious, beautiful and happy space with appropriate energy for its use, whether it is a home, an office or a garden. "Feng Shui, which uses the elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, synchronizes and harmonizes areas around you for maximum benefits," said Janet.

However, Janet hastens to add that the spirituality of Feng Shui isn’t just only furniture placement and interior decoration, but it helps persons to get to know and understand their universe and surroundings in a more intimate way so as to bring about positive changes from within themselves. According to the Feng Shui expert, the practice of Feng Shui is based on creating a balanced environment that creates a physical space where the movement of energy can flow in a positive way.

The energy in Feng Shui is called "Chi", and she believes a person can have either good chi or bad chi around them. "My job is to help you get access good Chi while deflecting the bad," said Janet, as according to her, when it comes to business, the environment a person works in, the comfort, look, feel, the people associated work with can all effect one’s bottomline. Functional Feng Shui is what Janet Sandquist practices in her Feng Shui consultant business and her aim is to introduce simple refinements and enhancements to her clients' home or office space.

About Janet Sandquist:

Janet Sandquist uses her expertise in Feng Shui allows her to accurately assess what your home, office or property needs to achieve balance. She then guides her clients to arrange their home or office to bring "good luck" to these areas and to make sure the Chi flows smoothly so that each area on the Bagua is nurtured and energized for good luck and prosperity. For more information about feng shui expert Janet Sandquist visit http://fengshui4today.com/meet-janet .

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