19, April 2016: Feng Shui consultant Janet Sandquist, owner of Feng Shui 4 Today in San Marcos, CA. specialising in "The Art of Placement and Balance", released a new article titled: "Feng Shui Colors Update Your Home and Create Balance for a More Peaceful, Profitable Life".

According to the article color in Feng Shui is very important due to elements that bring balance into your living space. Its associated video also provides additional perspectives at https://youtu.be/X6xL6HVpEHk.

"It simply addresses the importance and benefit of balanced, as provided by Feng Shui, and which were designed is to create an environment that allows positive energy Yang Chi and removes or deflects the negative types of energy, namely Cutting Chi, sha Chi, overly rapid or heavy hitting or Yin Chi=ssu Chi=decayed or dead Chi," according to the Feng Shui 4 Today consultant.

Feng Shui, an ancient art or practice that involves understanding the elements of the world around us, specifically addresses the five common elements of water, fire, wood, metal, and earth.

Feng Shui consultant Janet Sandquist, quoted in the article, claimed to have used items that are actually made of the above elements in her Feng Shui remedies. She also claimed to have used colors to represent the elements.

She says the same is available for home owners that want to be current with colors that add value to their home. One of the options pointed out refers to the integration of Pantone Colors, which can be used to beautify and increase the value of a person's home while balancing the energy.

For more information from Janet Sandquist Feng Shui Consultant about the traditional colors in feng shui and their nuances can be accessed at http://fengshui4today.com/feng-shui-colors-update-your-home-and-create-balance-for-a-more-peaceful-profitable-life .

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