China — From the half year¡¯s survey about the global LED industry, the demand of LED lighting products has exploding. This market situation is not only related to the developed countries such as United States and UK but also refer to the developing countries. According to 2013 statistics from GSC BrandResearch, the LED lighting has first time become the world’s largest LED component application market which value has been estimated at 3.11 billion dollars and then followed by the LCD panel which the output value would reach 3.06 billion U.S. dollars. This should be the good news for LED lighting products manufacturer especially the manufacturers in China.

During the recent years¡¯ development, the LED lighting products from China have become more and more acceptable by people all over the world. Furthermore, the market share of the China LED Tube light in the world market has also gained greatly enhancing. That is to say the China LED industry will have rapidly increasing followed with the increasing of world LED industry,

Among numerous China LED manufacturers, MLS CO., LTD ( ) is the leader and largest one of them. MLS lighting is a professional manufacturer and high-tech private enterprise which produce full range of optical equipment and LED lighting products. This company brings together with the advantageous resource and professional technical employee in the area of LED materials, LED optoelectronic devices, LED lighting decoration applications and others. The main mission of MLS is research, manufacturing, promoting the emerging LED energy-saving lighting products and create a new trend of LED technology. MLS is the largest and highest manufacturer in LED industry of China.

In order to meet with the popular trend of LED market and meet the high volume and quality demand for light products worldwide, MLS lighting specialty introduce consumers all over the world with the seasonal new LED lighting products which are special providing for the global sellers and buy high-quality engineering businesses. These products have included:

First, the LED lighting tube which has passed the United States DLC certification.

Second, the new generation of bulbs and China LED Tube light tubes with accessories package which have passed the CE certification.

Thirdly, the 5 watts LED lighting bulb with high lighting range.

Fourth, the third-generation version tube products which have been certified by UL.

Fifth, parts of the LED tube lighting, LED ceiling lighting products, ceiling light and other ancillary products.

Furthermore, there are also many other kinds of LED products which have been provided by MLS lighting. If people want to know more about their products, please visit website which has been listed before.

About MLS CO., LTD

MLS is the most professional and largest MLS China LED tube light manufacturer. In addition to the LED products manufacturing, they also charge of the packaging and worldwide sales of the LED lighting products. Their high quality and low price LED lighting bulb has been accepted by most of clients around the world.

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