Lithonia, Georgia (January, 2016) — Founded in 2011 by Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director, Adaora Ngozi Onyioha Osimiri-Lewis, Fantome is an art and culture magazine that focuses on the darker side of artistic expression. With a tagline that boasts, “Where darkness meets decadence”, the publication has set out to represent both the alternative subculture (industrial, goth, punk, metal, etc) and avant garde sensibilities through their coverage of fashion, film, music, and other forms of art.

As a multi-ethnic American whose roots are Nigerian and Cherokee Indian, Adaora’s greater mission above and beyond covering the underground scene is to bring awareness to the diversity of the alt scene nationally and internationally by showcasing people of various backgrounds who serve as not only as fans but also creative forces.
To date, Prysm Magazine has released 7 issues. Under the new name of Fantôme, the publication is slated for a new release Spring 2016.

Adaora Ngozi Onyioha Osimiri-Lewis is a creative professional known for her role as the Creator and Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director of the alt luxury publication Fantôme Magazine (formerly Prysm Magazine). She is also the founder of Goth In The Raw; a raw vegan blog with a dark aesthetic that showcases the benefits of a plant-based diet for individuals, families and children. A vegan since the age of 16, she combines both natural foods and the alternative world through her recipes and advice, making it accessible to all. She will be releasing several cookbooks, food products and wares beginning Spring 2016; along with a YouTube Channel.

From 2007 to 2009, she fronted the Michigan-based Industrial/Goth band Razorblade Twins (as lyricist/vocalist). Their debut EP “Black Pills” was released in all Hot Topic stores throughout the state of Michigan. The band toured extensively and caught the attention of the press. Although the band is no more she has a solo project in the works.

Adaora holds a B.A. in Fashion/Retail Management with a Minor in Advertising from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. She is happily married and mum to two little boys, ages 1 and 2 years old.
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Special Guest (To date):
RPDR Season 3 Winner Raja Gemini
RPDR Season 4 Winner Sharon Needles
Musician/Activist Otep Shamaya
VNV Nation (Band - Germany)
Actress/Comedian Margaret Cho
Musician/Host of SpikeTV’s “Ink Masters” Dave Navarro
Model Rick Genest/Zombie Boy
Travel Host/TV Personality La Carmina
Theatres Des Vampires (Band - Italy)
Dir En Grey (Band - Japan)
BLOOD (Band -  Japan)
Atra Aeterna (Band- US)
Designer Alex London
Aesthetic Perfection (Band - US)
Actor/Musician Wes Cage
The Pyyramids (Band - US)
Just A Band (Band- Kenya)
Artist Nelly Recchia (France)
Actor Sam Witwer
Designer Veritee Hill
Musician Madame So (France)

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