12 December, 2013: Even with the advancement in technology and cosmetic care, skin problems still continue to plague men and women all over the world. The increase in the level of pollution and the affinity towards fast food adds to this ongoing problem. The chemically strong cosmetics that promise to perform miracles overnight only tends to damage the sensitive skin and causes even bigger skin complications.

In an era where laser treatments, chemical facial peelings and strong cosmetics that gives effect overnight, the people with sensitive skin cannot find a solution to their skin problems. Even the trusted moisturizer is diluted with strong chemicals to give its effect overnight in its bid to stay afloat in the market. People with sensitive skin have become as hopeless as ever. skin-problems.org is a blog that is dedicated to addressing targeted skin problems, especially neglected problems like sensitive skin. Sure, there are numerous cosmetics in the market that is especially made for sensitive skin but the problem is, its chemical level is too high. The modern cosmetic market is driven towards the target of giving ‘instant result’. This blog focuses on treating the problem from the inside. The treatment does not give any guarantee to give ‘instant results’ as it is healthy and hence mild. The best remedy to sensitive skin care is taking care of the diet first. What a person eats shows on the skin and hair. With a healthy diet, a person does not need to seek for treatment because the skin is healthy.

People with the skin condition should always look for gentle and safe ingredients in the cosmetics. There are many natural ingredients that are just as effective as the chemicals but are absolutely safe and healthy. Manuka honey is a type of honey found in New Zealand and has healing properties for different skin problems. For more information please go to http://skin-problems.org/


Skin Problems is a blog that is dedicated to addressing different skin problems in a personalized manner. Its personalized care is given with the belief that no two skin types are the same although it may be clubbed under the same category. With in-depth knowledge on cosmetics around the world, many have benefited greatly.