New mothers face a barrage of experiences during their first weeks as a new mom, not all of which are exactly comfortable. Thankfully, the innovative, family oriented company Family First Enterprises has developed a new product to help in at least one area. Their new Bamboo Nursing Pads provide leakage protection while enhancing comfort to new mothers just starting their parenting journey.

Choosing to breastfeed is a major decision for new parents, and doctors everywhere recommend this option where it is possible. It isn’t always easy though. Often, new mothers can experience a number of issues stemming from their attempts, and successes, in breastfeeding. One of the most troubling for many mothers is the leakage and tenderness associated with the process. To help combat both of these problems, most women purchase nursing pads, but not all nursing pads are created equally.

“There are so many options out there, and there are plenty of comments from new moms around the globe complaining about a few key issues,” explains Natalie Monroe, one of the developers of the new Family First Enterprises Bamboo Nursing Pads. “Soggy nursing pads, or nursing pads that work well for absorbing liquid, but which hurt to wear, or even nursing pads that shift and move around when you wear them; all of these things pushed us to develop something new and better.”

To address the feedback of new mothers on products that exist on the market today, Family First Enterprises has worked hard to create the perfect nursing pad. By incorporating a soft, bamboo layer that rests against the skin, a waterproof, leakproof layer on the outside to prevent embarrassing leaks, and sandwiching these around a microfiber absorbent layer with an added barrier of protection on the inside, the company has come up with a truly winning 4 layer combination.

“We are moms ourselves,” says Monroe. “We know that comfort is important so we’ve put everything we can into these nursing pads. They are what we would want, and what we do want.”

By putting themselves into the position of their customers, Family First Enterprises has come up with a product that is poised to be a hit. To celebrate the launch of their newest product, the company is offering two different options, a single pair or a pack of four pair, on Amazon and their website.

About Family First Enterprises:
As a company owned by and operated by family, Family First Enterprises works hard to make it easy for customers to maintain an active lifestyle even after adding a child to the mix. Firsthand knowledge and experience, as well as love and care, go into every item developed and sold.
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