After enjoying higher than expected sales throughout the duration of the launch of their newest product, the Bamboo Nursing Pads, Family First Enterprises has officially brought the launch to an end. With expectations adjusted to reflect the response received, this new product has ended its launch on a high note with the company planning on carrying that momentum onwards.

Family First Enterprises is a company that believes new parents should be able to stay active, and they have officially added a new product to their lineup that helps these parents return to an active lifestyle while putting their family first. The company’s Bamboo Nursing Pads have hit the market with a splash, bringing the company name into the limelight quickly. Now that the launch of their new product has ended on a high note, this product joins a lineup that has drawn customer favor from all over the globe.

“All of our products have been well received, which isn’t a surprise, knowing what kind of care and time we put into both development and creation,” says Martin Kellic of the Family First Enterprises marketing team. “But this one, our Bamboo Nursing Pads, have really taken things to a higher level. Not only are we seeing higher sales than we expected, but we are also getting lots of positive feedback from both new and old customers.”

Indeed, feedback coming from those who have purchased the new product is exceedingly positive, and not without cause. The 4 layer design of the Bamboo Nursing Pads has a lot to do with how much customers are liking it. Some like the internal microfiber with an added liquid resistant coating that is quick to absorb leakage, while others like the super soft bamboo layer that sits against the skin. Still, others love the leak proof outer layer, and all customers seem to like that they can be washed and reused, making them an environmentally friendly product as well.

“We tried to think of everything in our development process,” explains Kellic. “From how our customers would react to how we could make these good for the environment as well, we really put our all into coming up with a really great product.”

According to what the customers are saying, it seems as though the company has done just what they set out to do. And while the official launch has come to an end, Family First Enterprises is still offering their Bamboo Nursing Pads for a low price for Amazon shoppers. They plan on continuing to offer both single pair and four pair packs on Amazon and their website for the foreseeable future.
About Family First Enterprises: As a company owned and operated by family, Family First Enterprises knows how important it can be to put family first. Because of their experience, they work hard to ensure each product they develop and sell is high quality and ready for baby, ensuring that new parents can enjoy an active lifestyle while making sure that family comes first.

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