UK; 15, March 2016: Employees working in various private organizations are entitled to certain benefits. Firm owners are responsible to ensure that none of the employees are deprived from such benefits. These mainly include life insurance, pension, childcare vouchers, health plans and many more. These are the essential means for retaining and attracting employees in an organization without which no firm will operate smoothly. There are firms that sell different employee benefit packages for concerned clients. Fair Care Employee Benefits is one such company that comes with different ranges of flexible employee benefits scheme. These scheme packages are delivered via the flexible employee benefits portal of Benefit Select.

Its online platform is easy to use, quick to install and arrives with full customer support. The firm has been providing flexible employee benefits in UK for over ten years. The key to flexible benefits scheme is to make sure that the organizations are equipped with proper benefit packages to satisfy their needs during service periods and retirements. Its Total Reward Statement helps employees to see what benefits they are getting, what they could get and the worth of such benefits. These are normally issued annually and are also a good way of communicating any changes or enhancements in the benefit packages of an employee.

Its online portal offers the perfect choice for employers looking for an integrated, simple solution to both communicate pension information and to allow employees the opportunity to flex their pension contributions. Operating through salary sacrifice, the ‘Smart pension’ module allows for immediate tax relief at the employee’s highest rate of tax without the need for retrospective claims through a tax return. Its employee discount schemes have been exclusively designed for enabling employees and their families to enjoy all sorts of discounts, savings and perks while shopping, acquiring gym membership and so on.

It is an experienced operator of salary sacrifice schemes working within existing legislation to deliver a wide range of tax effective solutions. Its child care voucher is one of the popular flexible benefits packs that offer a great way to support working parents by helping each of them to save up to 100 pounds per month. It has developed health screening scheme for employers who want to give their employees the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive, personalized health assessment at a much lower price. It is a self funding scheme and the cost of assessment is normally met in full by the employee. Here employees can save till 42% on their chosen assessment.

About Fair Care Employee Benefits

Fair Care Employee Benefit primarily deals in selling different employee benefit packages that are flexible. It is a part of Avantus Business Solutions Limited and provides these services through a secured online platform. For more information, users can log on to its website.