Facebook has become so popular that even school-going kids have an account with this site. Parents are often worried about their activities on Facebook and are always skeptical about their children getting into trouble. The Free Facebook Monitoring App on download.com is one such handy software application that allows parents to monitor the Facebook activities of their young children. It is an extremely reliable program, an easy to use application with user friendly interface. The software can be downloaded easily with just a few simple steps. The program is definitely an intuitive one that will give a lot of parents relief from worrying for the safety of their children.

Once the application is installed the program begins to monitor each and every activity on the Facebook account of the children. All these activities happen in an invisible mode. The images are captured by the monitor screen and the data is recorder for further reference. The users or parents can access and view the date that is recorded by the monitor. There are options such as Start Monitoring, View Logs, Hide and Delete which can be used to edit the records. The program is specifically designed to be invisible immediately after the PC is switched on. The program also begins to take screen shots when the user visits Facebook. Conversations, chats and other messaging activities are also reported. Parents can delete the records too. The program has excellent features that are really helpful for parents.

To download the Free Facebook Monitoring App visit http://download.cnet.com/Free-Facebook-Monitoring/3000-27064_4-76054690.html

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