Door entry systems represent a reliable method of security, by protecting any kind of building, from unauthorized visitors. Taking into consideration the number of burglars has increased in the last decade, these door entry systems have improved a lot, becoming modern and highly sophisticated, working with Internet connection, using Internet protocol, PC, tablet or phone. If you are determined to change your door entry system and you don’t know what type to choose, it is advisable to contact an expert on the matter. It is worth knowing that VIDEXis one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of door entry and access control systems, being available on the market since 1985. FAACis another reputable provider of automated systems for gates and garage doors, parking systems, shutter operators, barriers,swing leaf gate operators, shutter operators, up and over door operators and gear motors designed for sliding gates.


FAACis a reliable provider of automated systems for gates and garage doors, having 40 years of experience in this demanding field. To add more, this company has introduced hydraulics to the gate opening field in 1965, gaining a great reputation in this industry. Another aspect that you should know about this company is the fact they are always one step ahead their competitors, when it comes to hydraulics and electrics. Moreover, FAACconcentrate on preventing accidents, given the fact their hydraulic systems are some of the safest products, designed after the European standards.


Another reputable supplier and manufacturer of automated systems for gates and garage doors is represented by VIDEX, being specialized in providing a wide selection of systems (the vandal resistant system and the modular systems), for satisfying the needs of public, commercial and private sectors. These systems include the video kits and the audio kits. The video kits are available in mono and color, providing a wide selection of frame and panel styles, suitable for any requirement and need. Intercommunication between phones, hands-free speech and timed privacy are some effective features that come with the video kits. Regarding the audio kits, these ones provide a great convenience and flexibility, offering some amazing features:visitor information LEDs, timed lock output,ability to expend to multiple door systems, coded, access, door open/busy, proximity access, reassurance tones and timed push to exit input.


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