England is the birth place of football and it is also the country where you are able to find the oldest association football competition in the world. The FA Cup has been around since 1871 when it was first held and it has offered a lot of people a spectacle to enjoy on the football field every time a game was played and now you can be a part of it.


For this you need to buy FA Cup tickets and so you will be able to enjoy one of the best games of your life. This is a competition that is open to teams from a lot of championships in England and there is always room for shock. The small teams in the lower leagues can prove what they are able to do and you can enjoy every minute of it on the field.


The FA Cup tickets are able to bring you closer to your favourite team and if you rule for a smaller local club, this is the best chance you have to see it play against a titan from the Premier League. The last season 763 teams played in this competition and the winner of it was Chelsea, who has brought home the 7th FA Cup in the history of the club.


Even if this may sound like a lot, this is not the most successful team in the FA Cup. The holder of the most titles is Manchester United and people who bought FA Cup final tickets over the course of time were able to see this team win the finals 11 times. They are the ones that hold the record number of wins when playing in this competition.


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