Amongst the phones that can comfortably be kept in the unique, strappy wallets are he iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S series, the Note series, as well as other brands.

(03 August, 2015) — Today’s woman is a fierce and competitive one, looking to best others and take the lead in every aspect of life. Along with everything else, she also looks to be a lead in setting trends and inspiring others with her singular tastes and preferences.

Offering an opportunity for high-end smart phone users to protect their phones, and do it in a unique style, Ezillion has rolled out its latest product: the one of a kind, hand-made Ezillion Leather cover wallet cases, designed for selective high-end phone brands. The product is now available on sale and delivery on Aside from its vibrant colour shade options, the wallets also come with a strap that sets aside the average woman from others in her league.

Focusing on the elements of style, protection of the phone, as well as a smooth and comfortable feel and texture, the Ezillion Leather Covers are also hand-made, making them exceptionally fashionable as well as useful. The covers are made with high quality soft smooth touch leather that fits phone sizes that range between 4.7” and 6”. The phone models that can be included for storage and protection in this collection include iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Google, LG, HTC and Amazon. Moreover, the strap, colour and materials combined make them trendsetters amongst similar products in the market.

Additionally, the wallets can also have multiple purposes such as carrying valuables like money and cash or credit and debit cards. The tough stitching and handmade workmanship give the case the unique advantage of style that is tough and difficult to damage.

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