Brendale, Australia; 09, June 2016: Getting a brand noticed outdoors can sometimes be a challenge. Firms use many tactics to draw attention to themselves from their target audience. But, companies often forget about one marketing vehicle that works well outdoors: marquees.

Extreme Marquees

Extreme Marquees boasts that outdoor branding is still a viable option for businesses. Many firms insist on online-only promotions and marketing. But, Extreme Marquees has proven that it's easy to grab people's attention outdoors. And without an Internet connection or computer in sight!

Marquees are a tried and tested method of promoting a brand in all kinds of outdoor spaces. From special events to pop-up shops in urban areas, marquees offer a good ROI. So, what's so special about the products manufactured and sold by Extreme Marquees?

Event marquees for all occasions

When it comes to marketing a brand outdoors, it's crucial to promote it in the right way. Some marketers assume that bigger is better. But, it's possible to promote a brand using small marquees too. Sometimes, there is a size restriction depending on the venue.

The good news is Extreme Marquees have a range of products for all kinds of events and special occasions. For instance, one could get small folding tents through to large pagoda-style marquees.

Premium quality products at affordable prices

Extreme Marquees is Australia's leading supplier of marquees. Part of their success is down to their impressive manufacturing facility. Their factory boasts a large 23,000 square metres of floor space. Plus, they have more than 200 people designing and producing their marquees.

Attention to detail and high quality are at the core of their ethos. Their team comprises of experienced quality control officers. Their job is to ensure each marquee made passes the firm's high standards.

One would assume that such quality would come at a large price. But, the shocking truth is they are Australia's best priced provider of marquees!

Custom marquees

Branding is important to the success of any business. It's also essential that a firm's branding gets promoted in the right ways. Marquees are a proven way to grab people's attention. It doesn't matter whether it's just "passing trade" or visitors to an exhibition. A marquee will draw people over and make the brand memorable.

Of course, a standard "out of the box" solution isn't ideal for all businesses. Extreme Marquees offers a custom design and manufacturing service. Customers can specify their exact requirements to the provider. The result is a marquee that offers maximum impact to their target audience. Plus, it will fit in with their storage and display needs too.

Extreme Marquees use custom printing technology on high-quality Belgian Sioen PVC and lightweight polyester.

About Extreme Marquees:

Extreme Marquees is Australia's biggest provider of marquees, tents and gazebos. They offer standard and bespoke solutions and have a quick turnaround time. The company has a 23,000 square metre production facility and a team of 200 people.

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