“Soy Alto”, one of the premier online retailers of high quality elevator shoes is offering its latest collection of special hand crafted, “Made in Italy” elevator shoes. The new collection features discreet, stylish, and extremely comfortable elevator/height increasing shoes with highest quality soft goat skin leather lining and soft leather uppers. These shoes have been specially designed to be comfortable, elegant and provide a well hidden elevation up to 7 cm.

Ever since its launch in 2009, Soy Alto has been one of the most popular brands in the industry with a strong and loyal customer base, including TV stars, politicians, singers, actors and other famous celebrities. They have received a worldwide acclaim for their high quality and classy shoes that deliver utmost comfort to the feet. Besides, they design their shoes in such a way that not only they provide extra height to the men, but also make them look slender and taller while seemingly wearing normal shoes. One of the best features of Soy Alto is that it offers a comprehensive range of shoes to the customers in several styles, colors, textures and designs, which make it quite easy for them to choose their best pick. Moreover, they update their inventory on regular basis with latest designs and collections. Hence, every time a customer visits their site, he will find a whole new range of collection at most attractive rates.

For more information, simply visit: http://www.soyalto.com/en_US

About Soy Alto
Based in Malaga, Spain, Soy Alto is a leading retailer of elevator shoes that was founded in the year 2009. They have a dedicated online store where they put a huge variety of men’s footwear on display for customers worldwide.

Soy Alto
Contact Person: Jose Carlos Jimenez
Phone: (+34) 952382820
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.soyalto.com/en_US
Address: Soy Alto,
Calle Danza Invisible 1,
Local 416,
29620 Torremolinos
Málaga, Spain