Explorite helps students find a way to sell their items through college classifieds that is safer and more trustworthy than Craigslist or many similar internet sites. Explorite was founded on the principle of finding a safe, secure place for college students to buy, sell and trade items. Today, Explorite is considered the #1 means of college students finding what they need at prices that may be a fraction of their value.

Explorite expands on the traditional college marketplace by linking four different campuses online so that students have a larger market to buy, sell or trade items. In the days before the internet, students would post their items for sale, items that they wanted and make announcements for roommates wanted, housing opportunities and the like in the college classifieds section of the campus newspaper or on bulletin boards. Today, Explorite takes advantage of the move towards the internet by creating an online college classifieds section that operates in a similar manner to those found on campus sites.

Explorite is more secure and less “creepy” than Craigslist thanks to the facetoface nature of the transaction. Craigslist has built up a reputation for being less than reliable and in many cases posting information from nontrustworthy sources. However, a student who has an item to sell or trade can post the information on Explorite. Such information generally includes a photograph and brief description along with a suggested price. A student searching for that item will contact and negotiations will begin. Once a price is agreed, then the students will meet facetoface, usually at a safe location to make the transaction. This type of arrangement means that students can maintain their safety and secure the transaction properly. Plus, if they suspect that the transaction is not going well, they can always back out on their own accord.

The Explorite college classifieds system extends beyond the buying, selling or trading of items. Explorite also provides for advertising for roommates, open rooms or housing, carpooling and many other opportunities that apply to the college experience. For college students who need housing, Explorite provides an additional resource beyond the campus itself to find rooms or houses near the campus. Quite often such arrangements will help students save money, especially in the long term. This particular feature makes Explorite the true college classifieds that serves many of the needs of college students.

A computer science student, Adi Pellumbi founded Explorite based on the need he saw with expanding the market for college students beyond the campus where they attend. In addition to books, Explorite allows many types of items useful to college students to be purchase or sold. Currently, the campuses of Boston University, Northeastern University, Salem State University and Wentworth School of Technology are part of Explorite. There are future plans to expand the network to other college and university campuses. Explorite does not charge a fee for the use of their website. Explorite is a free college classifieds online site that serves the needs of students on four different campuses.

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