Explorite is the online campus classifieds that is helping students save money on buying and selling college items. With Explorite, college student are buying needed books and other materials for a fraction of their cost when new. Explorite provides the online platform that allows students to also sell or trade their unwanted items, find roommates and housing, form car pools and much, much more.

Students can save money in finding items, such as books, clothing, furnishings, cars and more on Explorite . In addition, students can actually earn more money by selling their unwanted items in this online campus classifieds network. Plus, students can trade items as well, making deals that benefit both parties while saving money. Explorite takes advantage of the growing use of the internet by college students, many of whom rely upon it exclusively to find the items or services that they need.

Explorite is essentially a campus classifieds found online that serves the needs of students of four different colleges. For example, a student who has an item to sell or trade can post that information on Explorite using a photograph, short description and suggested price. A student finding that post can then contact the seller and start the negotiating process. Once a price is agreed, the buyer and seller meet at a location that is previously agreed and conduct the transaction facetoface. This allows for students to maintain a level of safety and security knowing that that seller must have the item and the buyer must have the cash. While Explorite only facilitates the transaction, it does provide a means for students to get together for buying, selling or trading.

The campus classifieds offered by Explorite extend beyond the buying, selling or trading of books and other important items. Students can post for roommates wanted, car pooling participants, vacant rooms or housing and a myriad of other needs as well. Explorite is designed exclusively for the needs of college students, so it doesn’t share its space with announcements or transaction outside the college atmosphere. In fact, Explorite can best be described as a typical campus bulletin board or newspaper that is expanded to four separate campuses and is found online.

Adi Pellumbi was a computer science student who saw the need for college students to have a broader marketplace to buy, sell or trade, so he created Explorite. This free service allows college students to post what they have for sale or trade which will be seen by college students on four campuses, Boston University, Northeastern University, Salem State University and Wentworth School of Technology. There are currently plans to expand the reach of Explorite to other campuses as well. Explorite is the online campus classifieds designed specifically for the needs of college students, including announcements of car pooling, housing, roommates wanted and other services. Explorite has proven itself to be a means for college students to save money by purchasing used items from other students and raising money by selling their used items as well.

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