TORONTO, ON, February 20, 2015 — Step into the magical world of Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ of the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Award-winning Virtuo360, North America’s leading Google-Trusted Agency, has launched a Google Business View virtual tour to be published on Google Maps. No matter where you are in the world, you can immerse yourself into the oasis of lush vegetation, waterfalls, rich flora and fauna.
Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ is a unique theatrical and culinary experience. The theatre is built high above the ground, overlooking a massive lagoon deep in the Mayan jungle. Guests enter the theatre and into a magical universe surrounded by architecture and esthetics inspired by the Maya’s respect for nature. The theatre’s Google Business View virtual tour captures its intimate ambiance and magical atmosphere. The set is designed as a “Naturalium”; a great library and place of vast knowledge. The interior is filled with old books. Other areas of the set include a “Vivarium” (the plant world) and “Terrarium” (the mineral world).
The migration of the monarch butterfly is an underlying theme of the show, and a subtle allusion to the connection between Canada (origin of the show’s producers) and Mexico. Every autumn, millions of butterflies make a long 5000-km journey from Southern Canada to Central Mexico to hibernate over the winter. The theatre is like a gem in the Mangrove; emerging from the surrounding trees like a butterfly from its chrysalis.  
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