Homeowners are being warned that their properties could be leaking money - literally. As summer temperatures soar, insulation contractor The The Home Insulators is warning that improper insulation or air sealing can make a home inefficient. That means homeowners end up paying for energy they have never even used.

Experts The Home Insulators say monthly energy bills can be reduced, if insulation and sealing problems are fixed. It is urging homeowners to have their insulation inspected.

A spokesperson said: “Summer is here and that means extreme heat and also rain and humidity. Improper insulation and air sealing will mean a home is inefficient and wasting money as well as energy.”

Poor insulation can be just as troublesome in winter as the summer months. Heat can escape, meaning a home with an insulation problem is wasting money all year long. And it’s not just the homeowner’s bank balance that suffers - bad insulation can lead to overly hot or cold homes and that, in turn, can cause health problems.

Ineffective insulation can have a dangerous impact on air quality as well as make a home uncomfortable to live in during extreme weather conditions.

The Home Insulators, of Westchester County, NY, can be contacted to carry out insulation inspections or to conduct a blower door test to measure a home’s air exchanges.

For further information, contact them at http://thehomeinsulators.com/insulation-service-area/ or call 914-233-3084.

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