Washington - Today, the www.how-health.com would tell you the reasonable meal after sports. Whenever you do exercise, the diet must contain protein, carbohydrate which is benefit to muscle recovery and help your body to replenish energy after exercise. Experts suggest that have a meal to replenish energy and to eliminate the effect of fatigue in 30-60 minutes after exercise is best, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. The U.S. Cable News Network lately published a list of six kind of healthy meals after exercise really worth a try.

The website How-health.com is the reliable article online site for the advice, health news, the info about reducing weight and much more.The How-health.com has said that an egg sandwiches is the perfect sports breakfast after morning exercise. Because yolk and inside are rich in protein, and sandwiches is helpful to our body to supplement the salt that loss with sweat in the process of exercise. Cheese and fresh vegetables can not only help muscle recovery but also help to control the calories and fat in the body. Zinc in egg beneficial for metabolism and improve the body immune function while the vitamin B12 helps cell growth.

The  how to weight management     has also recommended that eat nuts and tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C which is easy to lose in the process of sports. Besides in order to increase the cellulose, you can also use 100% whole grain bread instead of the nuts. In addition, oats, honey, and flaxseed can also add protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. We recommend nuts because they can provide a sufficient amount of iron.Homemade sports drink. Bananas, milk and yogurt are good ingredients of homemade sports drink. Dairy products can provide protein and carbohydrates.

Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium which is the main component of the electrolyte and the indispensable element of  how to personal care  muscle. These mixed drinks can also be used as breakfast or the afternoon snack.Do not eat fish immediately after exercise. Fish is acidic foods, eating fish after exercise may cause the acidification of the blood and duce large amounts of lactic acid in this case will increase the level of fatigue. 30-60 minutes after, you can eat some high-protein fish with steamed vegetables and brown rice to add carbohydrates and vitamin B.

The healthy diets lists on the website  http://www.how-health.com/  have also shown us that we should eat more beans. The beans are the best source of vegetable protein and carbohydrates. Whole grain food and wheat is rich in cellulose which is useful to resist hunger. Goat cheese can make your bone health and supply calcium to your body. Salad made ??with these ingredients is the wonderful food after exercise.Peanut sauce is the "secret weapon "and "nutrition power stations “of diet after exercise. Do not keep away from peanut butter because of the fat it contains, after all, it has full of protein. 1 tablespoon of peanut butter contains about 100 grams of calories and 7 grams of healthy unsaturated fats. If we can add the chicken, vegetables, flour and corn in our meal the nutrition will be more balance.

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