Manchester, NH — May 09, 2016 — Nowadays, it has become quite easy for professional thieves to steal in just a matter of seconds or minutes without leaving a trace. The good news is that according to authorities, there are ways to combat these crooks.

Experts reveal the tips to fight credit card skimmers. There are many high tech thieves nowadays that could put people in financial risk in a snap.

Credit card skimming is a method used by thieves to steal. It involves the use of a skimmer, which is installed in the card reader of a gas station or ATM machine. This is a computer recording gadget that could be as thin as a credit card.

When the credit card is inserted into the slot, the skimmer instantly swipes and stores all the credit card data. The process is as easy as copying data from the computer using a USB stick.

Once the illegal device has already gathered information, the thief then comes back and retrieves it. The information stolen is often sold or used to make purchases.

There are signs of credit card skimming that consumers should know about, and one is to see if the slot is loose or not tightly attached as it should be. Those who notice a tampered slot should inform authorities immediately.

There are also other ways to increase one’s protection against these thieves and one is to use the new credit card scanning technologies. These are the ones that use the radio frequency signals (RFID), which have been used for more than a decade.

Radio frequency signals are used to track packages and items. They are typically used by forwarding companies in tracking packages. RFID chips are also used at malls on the tags of clothes and other products.

The RFID technology is also used by credit card companies. Unfortunately, there is a security loophole with it. There scanners used by thieves that can easily read information from credit cards. Identification cards and other important documents powered by RFID may be susceptible to thieves through these skimmers.

The good news is that there are already RFID blocking credit card sleeves available in the market. These sleeves are designed to block thieves from stealing credit card information. Individuals with ATM and credit cards may take advantage of these sleeves to increase their protection from thieves.

The RFID blocking credit card sleeves can make traveling, dining, and other activities hassle-free and secured. These sleeves are available at (
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