Manchester, NH — May 24, 2016 — Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in many countries around the world. There are professional thieves and there are also those who simply use skimming devices to steal information. There are many things that consumers need to know about this crime, and one is what exactly they are after for.

Experts reveal the pieces of information identity thieves crave. More and more thieves are becoming increasingly adept in developing and using the best techniques to steal information. For victims, the crime can cost them tons of stress, time, and money.

One of the information that many thieves find valuable is the details about a person’s hobbies, club memberships, or employer. This type of information can be very easy to obtain. There are also thieves who are interested in phishing.

These thieves analyze how they exactly financial and banking institutions reach their customers. They use these methods to scam people and make their approach more genuine. This can require consumers to take precautions in providing information online or over the phone.

Other information that thieves are after of are telephone numbers, email address, physical address, and the confirmation code or expiration date of credit and debit cards. Personal information such as the mother’s maiden name, birthplace, and banking PINs are also valuable information for thieves.

Consumers are advised to ensure that their personal information is secured. This can also include their passport number, driver’s license number, online passwords, social security number, actual account numbers, full name including aliases, and date of birth.

There are many ways to increase one’s protection against these thieves. Individuals who are victimized by these crooks often suffer not just from financial loss but also wasted time and energy. Anyone can be a prey and this is why consumers should ensure that their personal information is protected.

Those who are victimized by identity thieves should immediately report the crime to authorities and their financial institutions. To increase protection from these crooks, consumers should take the precautionary measures believed to be effective in fighting the crime.

Products such as the RFID blocking sleeves are widely popular nowadays. These sleeves are designed to block skimming devices from scanning and reading information from credit and debit cards as well as other pertinent documents.

The RFID blocking sleeves are believed to be among the most popular tools to fight identity thieves.  These sleeves can be purchased at at a very reasonable price. (

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