Wilmington, DE — May 31, 2016 — Today, people find easy solutions to a variety of problems from serious medical conditions to minor ones such as calluses. While a callus doesn’t come close to placing sufferers in a life-threatening condition except those suffering from diabetes, it can be unsightly and can even cause pain.

Experts reveal the home treatments for big toe callus and numbness. Callus and numbness, otherwise known as hallux limitus, often develop when the joint in the big toe is jammed while walking.

Hallux limitus develops when the big toe is unable to fully move when stepping forward, which forces it to roll off the toe’s side. When the skin is pinched, it also causes a callus. Pain and numbness often follow when the nerves in the toe are irritated.

It usually results in the development of a condition called compressive peripheral neuritis, which is characterized by an inflammation of the toe nerve. Inflammation takes place when the nerve is excessively compressed.
Individuals who suffer from bunions are typically prone to big toe callus and numbness. This is due to the fact that those with bunions are more likely to roll over the side of the big toe, which pinches the skin and causes numbness and callus.

This condition develops due to lack of motion of the big toe, and thus, it is best to use footwear that improves big toe motion. It is imperative for sufferers to avoid the source of the pressure, and this could be done by using stable shoes.

Podiatrists often prescribe custom orthotics to provide the big toe joint with the chance to move. This can potentially eliminate callus formation.

One of the best things that sufferers can do is use an arch support in the shoes. This will help improve big toe motion, which reduces the risk of it rolling over to the side. Wearing stable shoes can also be helpful as they provide the exceptional stability the feet need.

There are also products such as Naressa’s electric callus remover, which is thought to be extremely helpful in buffing calluses. This product is not just safe and effective to use, but is also inexpensive. It doesn’t just eliminate calluses, but can also serve as an exfoliating tool.

The electric callus remover from Naressa can be an excellent home remedy for calluses. It is even preferred by many individuals over going to nail salons. The electric callus remover is designed to safely and gently remove calluses in the feet, which makes it ideal for individuals with big toe callus and numbness.

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